September 15, 2021

Mysterious Facts about Texas Hold’em and Its Origin

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The journey of Texas Hold’em until it found its way into the WSOP has been documented differently. To our surprise, we have come across some strange facts about the origin of the Texas Hold’em game.

Mysterious Facts about Texas Hold’em and Its Origin

There are scanty details about the origin of Texas Hold ’em. From the little information available, we know that the game was initially played in the little-known Robstown in Texas. According to card-game experts in the past, the new variation was a thinking man’s game. It differed a great deal from other games, which only provided the players with fun.

Poker Games Played in Ancient Times

The oldest recorded game that closely resembled poker was played in Persia. It involved a dealer who gave players a set of five cards drawn from a twenty-card deck. Traders who traversed European countries such as France, Germany, and Poland exported the game along trade routes. The different communities across the region made a few customizations to the game. As a result, various games that resembled each other sprouted, namely Poque, Pochen, and Poca.

In America, card games were the favorite pastime for crew members on boats. Therefore, the first people to play poker were the crew on ships along the Mississippi River. During the civil war, the game spread to soldiers. With the exportation, additional variants were formed, including stud poker as a five-card variant.

How Hold’em Became Popular

Texas Hold ’em was little known up until 1967 when it hit Vegas. Gambling expert Crandell Addington described the game as being more refined. In his words, the skill and strategy needed to win made Texas Hold ’em a more advanced form of poker.

More professional poker players were drawn to the game, including Amarillo Slim and Doyle Brunson. Due to its influence, the game was welcomed by big casinos such as the Golden Nugget. Shortly after that, the game moved to other Las Vegas Casinos such as The Dunes Casino, which professional players frequented.

No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker at WSOP

In the early days, high-stakes poker tournaments were organized by The Gambling Fraternity Convention. Later the convention was renamed the World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament.

The debut WSOP tournament was held in 1970 at the Horseshoe. Tom Thackrey suggested including a No-Limit variation of Texas Hold ’em to one of the organizers. The game was an instant hit owing to the unique strategies and bluffing involved. Unlimited bets that could go as high as one could imagine made the game even more exciting. Within no time, Texas Hold ’em became the highlight of the WSOP tournament.

The Upward Spiral of Texas Hold ’em

Doyle Brunson, one of the most respected poker players and renowned casino high-roller, gave Texas Hold ’em a boost. His 1978 publication, Super System, included strategies and tips for succeeding in the game. This sparked a special interest in the game and generated widespread appreciation.

Another highlight in the rise of Texas Hold ’em came in the 1980s. California was yet to legalize the game, causing a court battle between Tibbetts and Van De Kamp. The ruling of the case found no legal basis for making Texas Hold ’em illegal.


Due to the many variables that come into play in Texas Hold ’em, no game is the same. As a result, players are in for a thrill every time they sit down to play the game. We have the anonymous innovative minds that created Texas Hold ’em to thank for giving players such an exciting game. Texas Hold ’em will test your wits, ability to remain calm in the face of adversity, and how quickly you can develop a winning strategy.

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