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October 13, 2021

Texas Hold’Em Bonus Game Overview

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Texas Hold ’em bonus is a game where players aim to beat the dealer. Therefore, each player focuses on their hand instead of the other players sitting at the table. Following this, the game is the perfect opportunity for close friends to bond over a couple of drinks.

Texas Hold’Em Bonus Game Overview

Texas Hold ’em is a community card game that uses the standard deck containing 52 cards. As such, some cards are dealt face up while others are dealt facing down. Players aim to beat the dealer’s hand by forming the strongest five-card Poker hand. Each player holds two cards combined with three or four of the five community cards to make a hand.

In some cases, the five community cards make the strongest hand. The player or dealer may choose to “play the board” where the strength of their hand is calculated using the community cards only. The game implements the “heads up” approach. In it, each player must place their bet before viewing their cards in each step. That is Ante, Bonus, Flop, Turn, and River.


  • Players make their Ante Bets, and the dealer issues each participant two cards.
  • Players also have the freedom to place an optional wager knows as “Bonus Jackpot.”
  • Each player looks at their cards. Depending on what they find, they can continue playing or forfeit the ante bet they had placed. Before the next step, the player must place a flop bet twice the amount placed on the ante bet.
  • Three face-up community cards are dealt. Again, players decide between stopping and continuing with the game. To continue, players must place a turn bet which is equal to their ante bet.
  • One more face-up card is dealt. Players then choose to fold or go to the final round. Before the final community card is dealt, the remaining players must place another bet equal to their ante bet.

The last card is dealt. The remaining players show their cards, and the one with the strongest hand wins.

How to Play

  • As seen in the section above, the game is straightforward.
  • 2 cards are dealt facing down to each player.
  • 2 cards are dealt facing down to the dealer.
  • Three community cards are dealt face up in flop.
  • One community card is dealt face up in turn.
  • The final community card is dealt face up in the river.

Players use the cards together with any three, four, or five community cards to make their hands.


For you to win, your hand must be stronger than the dealer’s hand. Payouts are awarded as follows:

  • A winning straight hand or better – Ante bet is paid in the ratio of 1:1
  • Any other hand not better weaker than a straight- Ante bet is retained, and the players get even money on their flop, turn, and river bets
  • In case the player’s hand is equal to the dealer’s hand, the round ends in a “push” or tie

Bonus Side Bet Payout

Getting a payout from the side bet is not dependent on the outcome of the main bet. Here are the payout ratios for each possible hand:

  • Ace-Ace in the player’s hand and Ace-Ace in the Dealer’s Hand-1000:1
  • Ace – Ace: 30:1
  • Suited Ace-King- 25:1
  • Suited Ace-Queen/Jack: 20:1
  • Unsuited Ace King: 15:1
  • K-K or Q-Q or J-J-10:1
  • Unsuited A-Q or A-J- 5:1
  • Pairs of 10-10 through to2-2- 3:1


Texas Hold ’em Bonus is simple to understand and play. Once equipped with the knowledge sherd in the sections above, you can join any table where the game is played and feel confident enough to play like a pro. Look out for Texas Hold ’em Bonus the next time you log at an online casino.

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