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August 4, 2021

Best Starting Hands in Texas Hold’em Poker

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The most popular poker variation of all, Texas Hold’em is a card game that draws players to both offline and online casinos. Learning how to play Texas Hold’em is not difficult. Likewise, understanding elements, such as the cards that a player starts with, does not involve a steep learning curve.

Best Starting Hands in Texas Hold’em Poker

The cards that a player starts a Texas Hold’em game with is only one part of the big picture when it comes to determining whether he or she will win. Nevertheless, it is vital to understand which the best poker hands are to start with. Knowing whether they have a good starting hand or not will better allow players to adjust their strategy and actions when they play Texas Hold’em online or in a land-based casino.

Pocket Aces

Composed of a pair of aces, this is the best way to begin a hand of a Texas Hold’em game. However, there is a possibility that a player who draws pocket aces can be beaten. A hand having 5-6 of the same suit has the best chance of defeating pocket aces one on one.

Pocket Kings

Starting a hand with a pair of kings is the next-best way. If a player can get in all the money prior to the flop, he or she will likely be ahead of the range of their opponent. However, pocket kings can be vulnerable, so betting or raising with pocket kings pre-flop is recommended.

Pocket Queens

Poker’s third-best starting hand, pocket queens can be assets at almost any time in beating Texas Holdem odds. It is usually worth a decent raise. Pocket queens can also be used to test the strength of the hands of opponents.

Pocket Jacks

In poker, jacks are also called fishhooks. It is a great pair to begin a game with, although some players have a hard time dealing with them.

Suited King-Ace

This hand includes a king and ace of the same suit. Also referred to as big slick, it’s the best starting hand that is not a pocket pair of face cards.

Pocket Tens

This is another good poker hand that can be played aggressively. However, opponents might have one of the higher hands especially if there is plenty of action on the table.

Ace-King Off Suit

This hand consists of a king and ace of different suits. Players who are dealt these cards have roughly a 50-50 chance of beating almost any hand that is not holding ace-king.

Suited Queen-Ace

Composed of a queen and ace of the same suit, this hand presents players with post-flop playability. Players who run into tough top pairs will be holding the high pair top kicker.

Pocket Nines

This hand is terrific for playing preflop. Players have the option of calling a raise, raising themselves, or perform 3-betting.

Suited Jack-Ace

This hand includes a jack and ace of the same suit. Besides offering plenty of playability post-flop, it also brings straight and flush potentials.

Suited King-Queen

In terms of flop interaction in Texas Hold’em and other poker variations, this ranks among the best hands. Possible outcomes include tough top pairs, straights, and flushes.

Suited Ten-Ace

Because of the slightly bigger gap between the ten and the ace, this hand ranks below the suited king-queen. Having a suited ten-ace opens possibilities such as top pair, flush, and straight.

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